We offer more than pretty designs.

Finding a balance between proper search engine marketing, usability and design is paramount in getting true results for your site. Integrating search engine optimization in the design, as well as the content of your site, is our main focus. We look at Web Usability and the Information Architecture to make sure your site will perform for you.

Our process includes meeting with clients to discuss their current site and their plans for a new site, and how to meet their goals. We design for a wide range of industries and ensure that the aesthetics are tailored to communicate your brand. We will incorporate any existing brand elements into the design to keep your online presence consistent with your other marketing collateral.

eClick Performance uses the latest web design standards and technologies while making sure your site will work on all computers and all major browsers. You wont have to worry about rebuilding your site when a new browser comes out. All of our sites are also checked for full compliance with search engine optimization.

We adhere to the strict standards for search engines to have your whole site fully optimized.