Would you pay 25¢ to get a new client? How would you like a 1600% ROI? What if you could cut your marketing budget but increase your sales? Roughly half of our clients have tried to set up and manage a Pay Per Click campaign through Google Adwords, Yahoo or MSN by themselves, only to get frustrated and not see the great success everyone is talking about. With years of experience in paid placement, eClick knows what works and what does not. For example, when Google changed the ranking order of their Sponsored Links in August 2006, our industry awareness allowed us to respond quickly and adjust our clients’ landing pages to maintain superior ranking in Google’s new algorithm. eClick knows how to help you get the most out of your paid placement marketing investment. eClick offers three basic PPC packages: eClick Express: If you only need a simple set of keywords and ads to run. This can be helpful if people tend to misspell your company name or product and is also a great foray into online advertising. eClick Consulting Services: If you are running and managing your own campaign we can help fine tune your results, make adjustments based on our years of experience and guide you to reach your goal. eClick Managed: This is a more extensive, in-depth management that will incorporate SEO work and detailed keyword research and analysis, as well as monthly reporting.